How This Works

An Explanation of eBook Information

Input Format:

This is the type of file that your book is in. When placing your order, we accept three basic file types, including Microsoft Word, Adobe inDesign, Rich Text, and PDF files. (If your file is not in one of these three formats, we may still be able to use it; just send us the file and we'll let you know!) The file format that you send us will determine the base cost, with Microsoft Word documents being the least expensive and PDFs being the most expensive.

The Number of Table of Contents Entries:

When we compile your ebook, we generate a navigational Table of Contents that will help readers quickly skip to sections inside your book. How many of these entries would you like to have inside your ebook? The number of entries -- whether it's chapters, subchapters, or section breaks -- will affect the total price. Up to 10 Table of Contents Entries will be included for free, while anything more than 10 will add to the base price. Here are a few examples of different Table of Contents entry types:




The Number of Images/Charts/Graphs:

Also important is the number of graphics in your book. This includes tables, charts, shapes, or anything else that is not stand-alone text. In order to get these graphics to fit right on the page, additional work is needed, which slightly increases the price. Like the number of table of contents entries, up to 10 graphics will be included for free, while anything more than 10 will add to the base price.(Front cover graphics are included for free, so you don't need to count these). Here are a couple example of graphics:




Bulleted/Numbered Lists:

If your book is a scientific journal or cook book, or any other genre that includes bulleted or numbered lists, this will add just $20 to the base price of your ebook. In order to get the formatting of these lists right, extra work on your ebook is involved. Here are a couple example of these lists:



Output Format:

This is the file that we send you when we're finished creating your ebook. Our standard export is to .epub (which works on all mobile devices except for the Kindle, which uses a .Mobi format), but we also can export to .Mobi for an additional $40. If you have another file format in mind that you would like to recieve, ask for additional file formats.

You can email your files, questions, or concerns to We'll provide you with an accurate quote before we start working on your book. After you receive the quote, you'll need to let us know that it is OK to begin converting your files.

An Explanation of Book Information

In order for eBook adaptations to properly archive and organize your ebook for sale on our ebook store, we will need a few bits of information.

Book Title:

This is the title that appears on the cover of your book.


This is the full name on that appears on the cover of the book.


If there was such thing as a digital library, this is the section that your ebook would be in. Filling out this area will help other readers to easily search for your book in a given genre. Popular book genres include (but are not limited to):

Art & Photography
Biography & Memoirs
Business & Finance
Cultural/Social Issues
Current Affairs & Politics
Food & Lifestyle
Graphic Novels
Historical Fiction
How To
Medical, Health & Fitness
Picture Books
Religious and Inspirational
Science Fiction
Thrillers and Suspense